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Queer Flirting

76580b6dd480f7b-1Queer Flirting is a celebration. My intention is to create and safe place for LGBTIQA+ Queer folks to celebrate and play. I hear so many stories from friends about hiding their identity, from discrimination and shame. Let this event be a beautiful time to frolic and skip together. I hope that this will be an opportunity to make something simple. That we can just have fun and explore how arousal flows.


What is flirting? If you are attracted to a person and you want to connect physically or romantically. You are giving signs that you are interested. Animals do a similar thing when they show feathers or dance in front of each other. Flirting is an art and science to be coy or bold or subtle. Importantly flirts need to read the signs of if the other person is picking up what you’re putting down. It is vital in consent culture that we make sure we are respecting another person's boundaries and safety.


Overall I’d like to hold a safe space for Queer identified people to flirt with themselves, each other and the world