Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens in the first session?

Together we safely explore the first issue that presents. It is an opportunity to see if myself and yourself ‘fit’, are we compatible to keep working together.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is normally 60-90 minutes. It is possible to book longer sessions, half days or full days if you have an issue that you want to explore deeply.

How are Counselling, Psychotherapy and Therapist different?

These three professionals are very similar:

  • Counselling is a shorter experience.
  • Psychotherapy has more psychological content.
  • Therapy focuses on emotions and behaviours.


What is Counselling?

  • The most important part of counselling is the safety. Everything that is said in the counselling room is 100% confidential.
  • When you speak you choose what you want to speak about.
  • You always have control over the conversation.

Counselling usually begins with you and I getting to know one another. I will be interested in what it is that brought you to counseling and what you would like to get out of the experience.

Your counseling session is a time for you and I to have meaningful conversations about the things in your life that trouble you. Together, you will decide what you would like to accomplish from therapy, and then your sessions will focus on how to achieve the changes you want.

Counselling sessions are usually in person, usually last about 50 minutes, and most commonly are arranged weekly. As you progress, your sessions may be spread out over longer periods of time.

Sometimes, counseling can bring up unpleasant feelings. You may need to talk with me about very personal experiences or thoughts. You may cry. All of this is normal in counseling, and I am someone you can do these things with safely.

Counselling should last only as long as it needs to last. For some people, that may be just a couple of sessions. For others, it may be months or longer. How long your therapy will last is a decision for you and your therapist to make together.

Counselling is a healing experience that bring a balance of emotions and a graceful feeling to life.