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Courses and workshops

Queer Flirting  -   July 1, 1pm to 4pm, Melbourne

76580b6dd480f7b-1This workshop is designed for Queer identified people to skill up in flirting. The workshop will begin with introductions of the facilitator and participants. Then we will create the a safe container by making agreements on our words and behaviours. This will include agreements on confidentiality, safety and consent.The rest of the workshop will be embodied practices in pairs and as a group, accompanied by music and movement. There will be moments of reflection and discussion. I like the experience to be fun, to have laughter, poetry, joy and play.

People will remain clothed for the duration of the workshop, there will be no sexual touch.

You will leave the workshop with -

Confidence in yourself
Excitment and frisson
Skills to initiate flirting
5 ways to excite another person
Greater clarity on consent and your own boundaries

A key intention is to provide a safe space that is diverse and radical inclusive. Meaning that everyone is welcome to participate, including people of all orientations, genders, sexuality, relationships and flavours of human. Everyone is welcome. I wish for the communities of the LGBTIQA+ to celebrate and play together safely.

Participation is by choice, you can be involved in all, some or none of the activities.